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I was born in Dallas, Texas. When I was little my dad used to take me around a lot of places. One of my favorite places to go to was San Antonio. My dad was born in San Antonio and we go there to visit my grandma. Almost everyone in my dad’s family was born in San Antonio. Sometimes when we go there we go to the River Walk or watch a movie. One time we went inside the Alamo and saw a bunch of nice things there.

When we don’t go to San Antonio we drive around Dallas and go to historic places. Another one of my favorite places to visit is Wichita Falls. My dad, my brother, and I went there and we saw a bunch of awesome waterfalls. It was so amazing to look at. Another nice place I have been to in Texas is Los Maples. It is a big hiking preserve and my brother and I went on a backpacking trip there. We walked 7 miles and the hike was really long. We went 4 miles on the first day and 3 miles on the second day. We saw beautiful waterfalls and trees and it was fun. I will never forget when we had to walk up a steep hill with rocks. I got so tired of walking.

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